"Gold of Tuva"

Objective of the project:

To increase the tourist attractiveness of the Republic of Tuva and domestic tourism in general, to pay attention to the need to create conditions for the preservation and development of the traditional culture of the Tuva people, to pay attention to the problems of the small peoples of the North and contribute to their solution.

In this region everyone will find something suitable for them. The gold of Tuva is not only in undiscovered burial mounds and museums. Gold is all those constituent parts of a single cultural code that magnetically attracts to return there again and again. This is the spirit of freedom of nomads, unique ornaments, pristine nature and the way people interact with it, amazing musical instruments and rituals - all that Tuva is associated with among those who have been there.

"Good grandfather's island"


"Outsiders" 2016


Arriving at the Pitsunda airfield, I didn't really expect to come across an interesting story, I just wanted to fly with paraglider.


It turned out that only three people are constantly at the airport. After exchanging routine phrases and jokes, the conversation turned to professional activities. To keep the conversation going I told that not so long time ago in the media there was one amusing story about a paraglider who had all his equipment and documents taken away and was banned from flying.


"How does it happen," I asked? Kirill Yekimov answered my monologue - he turned out to be the pilot.

Kirill has been flying for thirteen years, world champion in 2012, multiple medalist and winner of various championships in Russia and in the world, the official representative of the "Dudek" paragliding company.

Abroad, paragliding pilots are respected and greeted with all honors, giving permits and documents for flights without any problems, while at home they are outcasts due to the peculiarities of the legislation. Every year, during the flying season, dozens of top-class pilots become outsiders to their country. While in Abkhazia, Kirill is awaiting a court decision and returning to his homeland.

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